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Yacht Charter

EBA Yacht Chartering Guide

Hire and chartering offers boating on your terms, when and where you want it. Charter companies offer a wide choice of boats and locations from motor boats on inland waterways to offshore sailing in far flung places. If you have never chartered before the process can seem daunting.

The EBA Yacht Chartering Guide, is intended to help the first time charterer consider where, when and from which company to charter and make an informed choice. The information within the guide may also prove useful to those who have chartered before, but are considering a new destination or a different type of boat or boating.

ISO 20410

The new ISO 20410 Standard aims to ensure that clients receive a satisfying and enjoyable experience. The standard sets out the minimum service level and equipment requirements for bareboats offered for charter on inland, coastal and/or offshore waters. It covers service aspects such as duration, location, assistance, details of the boat, handover/handback procedures, but also specifics related to the equipment and the contents of the bareboat manual.

It is applicable to any individual or organisation that offers a bareboat for charter. As a result, the growing charter market will be more transparent and participants will be able to more easily compare and assess the quality of the service provided by the charter provider.

The standard is not difficult for Charter Providers to comply with, so before booking ask any company you are considering hiring from whether they comply.

Click here to obtain a copy of Standard ISO 20410