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The European Boating Association (EBA) seeks to ensure that accurate account is taken of recreational boating activity and concerns when planning marine aquaculture developments.

In the EBA’s view, four key issues are critical in relation to aquaculture, navigational safety and recreational boating interests:

  • The impact of aquaculture on navigational safety
  • The location of aquaculture developments
  • The end life of structures associated with aquaculture
  • Consultation with the recreational boating sector

The EBA believes that the impact that marine aquaculture development has on recreational boating can be minimised provided the following key points are fully considered:

  • Navigational hazards: If well designed, marked and maintained, aquaculture developments should not be a navigational hazard for recreational boating;
  • Collision risk: The EBA believes that the threat to recreational yachts can be minimised by consulting with national and local boating organisations at an early stage and by following IALA guidelines for marking hazards;
  • Marking and Lighting: The EBA supports the guidance issued by IALA and national Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities, on these issues in order to identify site specific issues that may occur.
  • Location: Recreational routes, general sailing areas, racing grounds and anchorages must be considered when examining the impacts of aquaculture developments.
  • General boating areas: Interference created by an aquaculture development in an area routinely used by recreational boat users would create a significant negative impact on the area and diminish its appeal.