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International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

“ISO standards are developed by technical committees, (subcommittees or project committees) comprising experts from the industrial, technical and business sectors which have asked for the standards, and which subsequently put them to use.” (source

The EBA has contributed to the development of ISO standards in TC188 and TC188/SC1 and TC228.

TC188 is the ISO technical committee for Small Craft.

The objective of TC 188 is to develop standards for equipment and construction details of recreational craft, and other small craft using similar equipment, up to 24 m length of hull. Lifeboats and lifesaving equipment covered by ISO/TC 8 are excluded.

Within the objective is the on going revision of a set of approximately 60 standards which were developed to support the Recreational Craft Directive.

ISO/TC 188 “Small craft”has a number of working parties and a sub-committee looking at issues of interest to recreational boaters throughout Europe including:

  • ISO/TC 188/JWG 01 “Joint ISO/TC 188 – IEC/TC 18; Electric propulsion systems”
  • ISO/TC 188/SC 01 “Personal safety equipment”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 01 “Propeller tapers”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 02 “Inflatable boats”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 03 “Deck fittings and rigging parts”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 05 “Engine and propulsive systems”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 06 “Retention systems”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 07 “Steering gear”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 09 “Main dimensions of the craft and identification of the hull”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 10 “Electrical equipment”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 11 “Sea-cocks and through-hull fittings”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 12 “Fire protection”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 13 “Operating symbols”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 15 “Inflatable liferafts”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 16 “Gaseous fuel systems”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 17 “Owner’s manual”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 18 “Scantlings”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 19 “Navigation lights”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 20 “Windows, portlights, hatches, deadlights and doors”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 21 “Cockpits and cockpit drainage”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 22 “Stability”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 24 “Field of vision from helm position”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 25 “Manoeuvring speed and powering”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 27 “Personal watercraft”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 28 “Joint TC 188-TC 43/SC 1 WG ; Measurement of airborne noise”
  • ISO/TC 188/WG 29 “Galley stoves”

The EBA actively participates in the work of the and sub committee and many of these working groups. It is entitled to attend any of them, to ensure that the output – the resulting standards – are in the interests of the recreational boater – one of the end users.

The EBA has contributed to the work of ISO TC WG3, WG9, WG12, WG16, WG19 and WG29. In the coming year the EBA will continue to prove strong support to ISO TC 188 in the development of standards and in particular those that support conformity with the RCD.