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New insurance requirements for personal watercraft and speed boats in Denmark

New rules on liability insurance for some motorised pleasure boats in Danish waters also applies to foreign boats.

Boaters in or visiting Denmark are advised that the country has recently introduced compulsory liability insurance for watercraft for which, under the Danish regulations, a certificate of operation is required (i.e. personal watercraft and speed boats).

The operator of the boat is responsible for taking out the compulsory insurance. The insurance must be provided by a company which is a member of the Danish association of insurance companies.

The operator of the boat must have an insurance certificate that includes details of the owner of the boat, the boat’s hull number and information on the expiry date of the insurance.

The insurance certificate must be presented to the Danish authorities at their request.

The Danish Cruising Association and the Danish Sailing Association have highlighted that the new insurance requirements apply to foreign boats as well as Danish craft and are offering to assist boaters that need to take out the required liability insurance.

Further information, including details about which boats require this new insurance can be found in the flyer published by the Danish Cruising Association and the Danish Sailing Association.